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Forget the French, let's go Italian!

This premium set of Bocce includes 8 big bold 107mm bocce balls.  Yes, these are full size 107mm balls.  Each set comprises 2 x 4 balls of each colour and a 60mm pallino all crafted from beautiful and durable polished resin.  The set also includes a tough black zip up carry bag with embroidered logo and official bocce rule card.  Each set of 4 balls of the same colour also comprises two balls per groove pattern so 4 players can play with two unique balls per player.

You won't find better bocce value than this.  This is a seriously great set of bocce that typically retails for $100 - $150 elsewhere.  Even sets with smaller 90mm balls sell for more.

Set Weight:  10.6 kg

Approx. ball weight: 1.2 kg


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AUD $ 85.94

Fast Free Delivery Australia Wide!


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