If you haven't yet discovered this traditional Finnish Skittles game then you are missing out on some seriously addictive outdoor fun. 
Also known as "finska",  Finski is a race to exactly 50 points where players toss a throwing log towards 12 pins numbered 1 to 12....the aim being to knock them down and score points.  But don't go over 50 or your score drops back to 25.   Finski involves both skill and strategy as players must decide the best way to reach exactly 50 points.  In Finski a single pin knocked down scores the number on that pin whereas if more than one pin is knocked down all pins are only worth one point each.  All pins are stood back up wherever they lie before each player takes their turn.
Finski can be played at the beach, the park or in your own backyard, and is a great way to get family and friends involved in some good old fashioned outdoor fun. Finski is also great for the kids maths.
In the true Finnish tradition, Finski is crafted from quality eco-friendly birch (a hardwood known for its shock absorbing properties) and comes with 12 numbered pins (15 x 5.4 cm), one finski throwing log (22 x 5.4 cm), rule card and a durable zip up carry bag. 

Set weight 2.6kg


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